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Anyone had both cataracts replaced at the same time?

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I believe the norm is to replace one, then wait till everything settles down and then have the other done. 
My surgeon says it’s to risky due to my heart problems.
Has anyone any experience?


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    I had mine done last April, the day after my 43rd birthday, just the left eye as I had hereditary cataracts, my Grandad had them and then Mum.

  • janer1967
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    Hi and welcome as you stated the normal is to do them separate but I am sure your consultant only has your best interests in mind. 

    I am waiting to have mine done but I am blind in one eye and as well as cataracts have issues in my good eye which thay are trying to heal before they do the cataracts 

    I dont think it will be a problem as people I know who have had it done have recovered quickly and not had any vision loss which I imagine is the reason they usually do just one eye at a time as a precaution
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    Hi janer1967, 
    Many thanks for your comments.

    My difference is that I can see with both eyes and i assume my eyes will be covered for two with restricted vision for another two days