Hi I'm joe49! If a decision is made in your favour at a tribunal, will the DWP grant an extension? — Scope | Disability forum

Hi I'm joe49! If a decision is made in your favour at a tribunal, will the DWP grant an extension?

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Hi, looking for some information regarding a decision that was made by a tribunal in favour of my wife's pip award we went to tribunal and won so that was last year . Because of covid and the delayed  by the DWP in processing pip claims in re applying for pip, my wife's claim is coming to an end on the 9/01/21.We re applied again when we received a text to reapply on oct 12th and a form would take 7 to 10 days.
 once the form came we had to wait until we could see a money advice person on the 4th Nov sent the form away then we received a text on the 6th Nov saying they had received the form .So because its getting very close to the claim ending on the 9/01/21. i phoned up PIP to get some information about whether they will be able to have my wife new pip application completed by the 9/01/21,the PIP representative said if your wife's claim process has not been completed by the 9/01/21,her claim will end and her money will stop whether the claim is completed or not .I asked why is my wife's claim not getting an extension, he said that because a tribunal made the decision in favour of the claim and not PIP themselves there is no extension granted and said that her claim will stop, he also said by tha time it will have been 3 months by then plenty of time but we have not received a phone call from them from the so called HCpro yet and its only a couple of weeks to go.
 my question is if you go to tribunal and a decision is made in your favour the DWP do not recognise the decision or accept losers consent and there for will not grant an extension until a decision has been made either way this cannot be right surely.


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    Hi @joe49 and welcome to our community. 

    Just to let you know, I've moved this over to our PIP, DLA and AA discussion board so it's in a good place for our PIP savvy members to see it and offer you advice.

    I hope your wife's PIP claim gets resolved with the least amount of stress possible.  Good luck and please keep us updated with how it goes.
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    ok sorry for putting it in the wrong section
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    Hi and welcome to my knowledge this us correct and PIP awarded at tribunal will not be extended due to covid like awards granted by DWP 

    Sorry this isnt what you want to hear 

    Unfortunately if she hasn't had a phone assessment yet it is unlikely to be sorted by time her award ends 
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    hi thanks for the reply the pip agent said if the award was made by pip themselves they would have granted an extension because it was not and by tribunal it will stop.
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    Yes, that's correct. An award made by a Trtibunal can't be changed. If a decision hasn't been made by that date her money will stop. If she's awarded successfully again it will be backdated to the date it stopped. Do be aware also that this could affect any other benefits you maybe claiming.

    Most people are having telephone assessments, which have replaced face to face ones, has she had one of those yet? If she hasn't then you could ring the health assessment providers to ask if they can tell you how long it will be.


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