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Self employment

BrownevoBrownevo Member Posts: 9 Connected
Hi there,

I have a severe degenerative disability and have been getting PIP and new style ESA (support group) as I am unable to work, since leaving my career through ill health. 

We own a camper van and want to rent it out, therefore we will be setting up a business, hiring an accountant and a cleaner to help us.  

Has anyone set up a business like this, for example as a silent partner, as I won’t be involved in the day to day running? 

What would happen to my new style ESA, as I will be listed as owning a business, even though I won’t actually be working? 

Everything online doesn’t relate to business ownership, it’s all aimed at claiming ESA and limits on earnings, but, my ESA isn’t means tested, therefore I am at a bit of a loss. 

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated, as the whole concept is stressing me out, and we all know how stress affects our symptoms. 

Thank you in advance x 


  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Posts: 3,654 Member
    @Brownevo from my own experience even though your not working  but earning money from this business you would  have to declare  any money thst you received 

    This is only from experience you could get advice from citizens  advice aswel 

    Other people will comment who may know more  @Tori_Scope or another scope person may be able to help 
  • BrownevoBrownevo Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Thank you. I’ll definitely inform them of the situation. I am not on any means tested benefits, just to clarify x 
  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Posts: 3,654 Member
    @Brownevo then it may be different but I  would advice to get clarification  save any distress later on  
  • BrownevoBrownevo Member Posts: 9 Connected
    will do, I’ve messaged scope directly for some advice and my accountant too.  There’s nothing online anywhere for my circumstances.  All the info is related to income based ESA, which I don’t get as my husband works. ☺️
  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Posts: 3,654 Member
    @Brownevo that's good that you have asked scope directly  now you have said that your not on esa and I expect your not on universal credit  that maybe you will be ok then 

    I was on universal credit when I rented my campervan out so had to declare I have stopped doing it now as I like traveling myself 

    Hope your business goes well for you and that you solve your problem 
  • BrownevoBrownevo Member Posts: 9 Connected
    thank you.  I might put the business in joint names yet, it’s just working out tax implications.  Did you claim disability ESA do you mind me asking? 
  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Posts: 3,654 Member
    When I rented my campervan out I had already been moved from esa to universal credit but I would still of had to declare my earnings off the business either way 
  • BrownevoBrownevo Member Posts: 9 Connected
    Ok no probs, thank you.  I’m going to be a silent partner in this business.  I’m fronting up the money, but my husbands running it, I’m just taking a share of the profits.  Thanks x 
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