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Disabled and Normal

I'm so glad that your back to your normal self…

What does this statement of "normal" mean to you or I?


I find this insulting; when (or if) your health fluctuates.

Some people may interpret this as your not being "normal."


Would life be simpler if you did not have the physical, mental or developmental differences?

I suppose that these challenges that mean you are not "normal" add to the rich tapestry of your life.


Everyone has challenges.

Although some individuals have more challenges than other people!


Would I change my life - to be defined as normal?

Free from the physical, mental or developmental disabilities?


Having a single disability has been a challenge.

It has made me stronger and given me better empathy to do my job.


Do I share that I have a disability?

Am I complicit in being embarrassed of having this disability. 


I suppose; I don’t share my disability or "abnormality" with everyone.



The potential stigma and stereotypes that are faced by having a physical, mental or developmental differences.

Definitely does not encourage me to share my own personal information with others.


Having worked with a wide range of disabilities I shouldn't be embarrassed.

However hearing colleagues discuss individuals with a variety of disabilities in a not always positive light.


Definitely does not instil me with faith and confidence.

To say "Look - I have a disability."


Am I proud of having a physical, mental or developmental disability?

Recently I do feel defined by this disability, every minutia closely examined.


What does normal mean?

Can you say your "normal" just because you are free from disabilities?

What does disability mean to you or I?

Are you dissing my abilities?


  • lisathomas50
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    I say I have the ability to do things when I can or I do things differently so I am able to do it 
  • aster1188
    aster1188 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thankyou Lisa. It stemmed from a comment about being normal when my mental health tends to fluctuate..
  • Cher_Inactive
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    Scope community team

    @aster1188 Thank you for sharing your poem with us.  I agree entirely with your words and have a pet peeve around the word 'normal'.  It's so often used as a yardstick for negative comparison and whenever I find myself saying it, I have to stop! Someone's value is never dependent on their body type  <3
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