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Pip MR advice. What kind of evidence should I send? How to make it clear I'm not blaming assessor?

laurakinslaurakins Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited July 7 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi, new to this website and looking for advice and help.

I applied for pip earlier this what due to undiagnosed gastro and widespread pain issues. Received letter after phone assessment saying they cannot award me either part of pip. I received 6 points daily and 4 mobility. 

However, I definitely think points have been shaved off and not given. I clearly stated the impact my issues have and either this was ignored, missed out or not written down purposely.. 

The points I want looking at are to do with bathing and dressing, medication mainly.

I clearly stated that I have alarms in my phone for medication, that I wrote it on board in kitchen and that my fiancé and family regularly remind me. I suffer with brain fog and can easily forget. (Diagnosed with fibro soon after assessment) without some kind of prompting I would forget majority of the time I’m talking over 50 percent of the week 4/5 days or more. I take pain meds, and asthma inhalers. I scored no points, yet it states any aids or prompting should be 1 point. I feel this should be the case.

I also have to use grab handles, and ask my fiancé to help me in and mainly out of the bath for safety. I defiantly do not feel safe or confident on a regular basis doing this alone. In the past I have merely washed myself sitting on the stool instead if he could not be around. Not ideal and embarrassing. I have slipped on a few occasions and had many near slipping accidents I rarely try to do this without him helping. We only have a bath no shower. Here I should have scored 3 points as stated in the descriptor that if you need help in or out of bath. I scored 2 for the aids but I have to have help as well as I can’t do this safely or reliably. 

Dressing and undressing I scored 0. I feel I should have scored 2 points. I made it clear 3/4 times a week sometimes more depending on pain that my fiancé helps me with shoes and socks because bending is too painful. Otherwise I’m stuck wearing awful slip on crocs or house slippers. I’m looking into getting some kind of aid I could use alone but again it’s money and pip is meant to help me. I’ve struggled and been in so much pain this is something I really struggle more so than not. Over covid I wasn’t going out much but now it is more relevant. I need to wear appropriate footwear. I can’t do this regularly enough for it to be counted as acceptable or satisfactory. 

I also made the point I used lighter cutlery, used a stool, tried to only use cooker if fiancé is around, had help with oven, and heavy pans as I can’t manage safely or reliably. Tend to use microwave majority or simpler cold meals. I only scored 2 I guess fair enough but as I mainly have assistance that’s questionable. 

I can eat. I communicate and read, do my budget etc but this can depend on my fatigue and brain fog as to how well or reliably. All bills are direct debit. I have memory loss and confusion at times due to the fibro. I have left windows open, doors unlocked and oven on when things were bad in the last year. 

In my MR I am sending all appt letters, referrals and some family letters to give more idea of what it’s like. Trying to chase up a drs letter that should have gone first time round. Im thinking of doing a diary too. Anything else I can send? 

I was confused when they said I hadn’t had any referrals as I told them I had and was awaiting diagnosis and appts. Many things written were very merely assumptions and not a clear communication of what is going on. I feel I should qualify for standard daily. 

Anyone had anything similar? Any advice on how to write this in a way that doesn’t come across as blaming the assessor or decision maker but clearly makes the point that things were missed or not interpreted correctly?

many thanks 


  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,644

    Scope community team

    Hi @laurakins :) I think as long as you focus on providing your own evidence, addressing any potential gaps in your original application and backing-up what you've said, it shouldn't come across as though you're blaming the assessor. Some people do seem to fall down by focussing on what the assessor has got wrong or by calling them a liar, but judging by what you've put above that doesn't seem to be what you've done. You seem to have a grasp on these concepts already, but you can read up about what it means to be able to do something reliably, safely, in a timely manner, and so on at the bottom of this Benefits and Work page
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