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JSA claim closed without notice, had to claim UC. System error needs to be fixed before backpayment?

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jsa claim was closed without any letters or anything left a month unaware I was asked to get a fit note to be placed on a 13 week lie down so this I did and backdated as the agent said then when I rang they told me claim was closed and I had a time limit to get the fit note this was not said to me at that time ,forced to claim universal credit from the beginning of the claim I was very much invisible ,sick note added a back payment refused lost rent council tax no benefit for 6 weeks left in debt ,mandatory decision took months I was totally ignored then when decision was made the date was that on the 28/01/2019 I asked for a reconsideration on a decision that was made on the 28/04/2019 ,how would I now the results 3 months before ,made to feel so useless , awarded LCWRA on 15 may2021 but now to get my back payment there are system errors that need to be corrected before this can be done what does that mean  it’s all an absolute nightmare ,


  • lonzibabe
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    Yes Jsa agent told me to get a fit note so I did but took a few weeks to get an appointment when I did and had the fit not I phoned that’s when I was told I had 5 days to get the fit note this wasn’t said to me or I would of contacted them to tell them I was struggling to get an appointment no letter of reason no phone call no anything I found out when I rang them I applied for a back dated payment in my journal it was declined even thou it was with in the month and no letter of reason had been sent then ignored for months after lynne my universal credit women asked for a mandatory reconsideration on there decision this was April nothing it’s now nov 2019 and I received my mandatory reconsideration which stated that I asked for a decision to be looked at again  in feb 2019 in regards to a decision they made in April 2019 so accordining to them I new about a decision before it was made ! Made me feel like a nobody I questioned myself blamed myself  the official error clearly made but who cares they didn’t they couldn’t even be bothered to be professional then received txt medical assessment via phone I never new this was arranged and then so for but I’m planning on complaining but would by no how to and would it be to late to my vulnerability at that time was abused I will never trust another agent official or not  after be left with no income for a month I have all proof all letters from the day one I was invisible to them even my first appoint to get universal credit I was there early yet she placed a failed to attend notice on my journal when I was the only one sat in the waiting area  totally let down by the system 
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    Please let me know how you get on with your back dated claim.  I was already on universal credit and due to illness missed the deadline for getting my work assessment to them.  It was two days late.  I had to make a new claim, but this was accelerated and backdated, but it no longer showed as an uninterrupted claim.  Now, during the intervening period, they had stopped housing benefit and also council tax benefit.  This for me has never been reinstated although they are aware of the problems with mental health I am having and have had.  I cant deal with forms either at the moment.  So hopefully we both get positive resolution. 
  • lonzibabe
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    I received my back payment and now that’s it I receive the extra LCWRA Eli ment and have no support from any one in the universal credit but this is nowt new to me as I didn’t want to claim this benefit but  I had no choice I have my housing benefit paid straight to land lady but recently I’ve been receiving council tax bills and they are not little ones then a summons next thing I no jacobs bailiffs but a payment was being taken from my universal credits so as before you claim o e befit there’s clearly payment be took so I had no reason to think any different  ,just received another summons for another bill wanting. Liability order but the dwp had informed them I’m on benefits I have the letter from the council ,universal credit has done nothing but make me loose wat ever grasp I had control of in my life I have a couple of disability but I suffer anxiety and depresssion I used to be qble to control the bad days now most days are bad as they are ment to be professional people ,I was told no ones better than any one we all have our quality’s and are very much equal I beg to differ about the way they think if they do at all ,that’s terrible what they have done surely they can’t stop housing benefit without allowing it again it’s your home it’s your security it’s your safe place I do hope you get this sorted very much a lot of drama cause by agents who haven’t been told much and just are hope ING for the best themselves take care holly .


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