Disabled people
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access to work funding cuts

speedyinpainspeedyinpain Member Posts: 52 Listener
edited September 2014 in Disabled people
I really can't understand the governments thinking. with one hand they want people with disabilities to work. Yet they are making cuts to the way access to work uses the money allocated too them to support people with disabilites who are in work.


  • pantherpanther Member Posts: 251 Courageous
    Hi Andrew

    I don't think any of us understand the governments thinking on any of these cuts that affect disabled people be they access to work, dla, ilf, just to mention a few.

    If there is high unemployment anyway where are these jobs that they keep on about disabled people doing going to come from.

  • speedyinpainspeedyinpain Member Posts: 52 Listener
    Hi Helen

    I agree with you regarding where are the jobs going to come from. I was talking to an old colleague from DWP last week, he said the system is in a real mess, and said that the jobs that people are interested in, want, or have the skills to do are not available in the current jobs environment.

    We all know that the economy is going to decrease rather increase as the cuts bite. It's a shame as the government and departmental ministers live in a totally different world to you and I. We are realists but the government are idealists trying to be policitally correct in a predictable but unconvincing way.

  • pantherpanther Member Posts: 251 Courageous
    Hi Andrew

    I think you are right the government and MPs don't seem to live in the same world as us. That's why I've got a meeting with my MP next week to discuss my concerns about all these welfare reforms and what they will mean to me. How it could make staying living in the community difficult as I won't be able to afford it etc.

    I'm interested in how they are going to make work pay so that you are always better off in work than on benefits. When I was working I ended up reducing my hours to 16 hours a week then eventually even that got to much. So if they said I could work I'm not sure they would be able to make work pay if I could only manage say 12 hours a week.

    It's not that I don't want to work I do some voluntary work now on an as and when it's needed basis and that works for me. But not sure I'd cope in a work enviroment again.
    I will let you know how things go with my MP he is a conservative mp so it could be interesting.

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