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daughter is struggling to have her needs met at school

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    Hiya Hannah, I too have a similar situation to that of Gingerbread where by my 12 year daughter is struggling to have her needs met at school. The school communication is not a lot to be desired as they have changed their mind or dragged their feet in doing anything about the fact that she may or may not have Dyslexia. She remains in the lowest set in her year, and it is breaking my heart when she comes home from school in tears because she feels she is inadequate on many levels due to the fact most of the children in this class have behaviour and emotional difficulties.....none of which she has. I too am t the point of moving schools with her. we have had a meeting with the SEN teacher but she wasn't that effective and nothing has changed in my daughters progress really since last year. Time is moving on she is in secondary school again like before I fear this will drag on and she will not have the opportunities to develop in school.
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    Hi JoThom69, yes it's very frustrating. It's important that the school have a clear understanding of your daughter's needs so they can ensure their duty of care in meeting her needs. As I advised Gingerbread, if you do not feel the school are doing this then you should follow the complaints procedure. You can also contact the local authority educational psychology service directly to request an assessment/advice. You can also try the Facebook group Its Not Just You and ask advice of other parents who have/are fighting similar battles.