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Head has suggested a psyc assessment, what would this involve?

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    Hi, My son is 4 and currently in reception. firstly I would like to add that he hasn't seen his father since he was one due to many different reasons, doesn't really ask about him unless they have done a topic surrounding 'family' at school. reson for this below :)

    Recently since starting the term he has been being physical with the other children, he's also on report, the teacher mentioned that he thought maybe not seeing his dad was part of the issue, but i don't have the same issues at home with him, he does have a short attention span and has always been a private child, but once you get his attention he can sit doing an activity for around the hour mark! He doesn't like praise, unless its from me, he becomes shy and sometimes lashes out, and also does the same if he feels threatened.

    The things that he is seeing at school he is following and then getting into trouble for it.

    I've spoken to the head teacher this morning after an incident, and he has said that Oliver is playing with the older kids rather than trying to build the bridge with the children he has hurt, the head has suggested a psyc assessment, what would this involve?

    is there anything you can recommend?

    He goes kick boxing twice a week and he isn't physical towards the other children there, if anything he kinda likes to do his own thing, I've always described him as a plodder!

    He's doing really well with his reading and spellings, and he's good with writing too.
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    Hi liz20,
    An ed psych (EP) assessment varies depending on the purpose of the assessment. It can involve observations, consultations, checklists and tests. The important thing is to understand why a child shows behaviours. There are many reasons so a psychologist will try to explore this and should take into account how behaviours are different in different settings. Reasons for behaviours need to be clearly understood so the right interventions and teaching strategies can be put in place to help. If you want to know more about what the assessment of your son will entail then you can contact your local EP team directly and ask to speak to the EP who is linked to the school that will be doing the assessment. Remember it's ok to ask questions to the EP and teaching staff... They have a responsibility to ensure you are clear about and fully understand the process.Your views are important so do share them with the EP.