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My son is 9 and can't write a sentence - why?

lisabelovalisabelova Member Posts: 4
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Hi, my name is Lisa I hve a 9 year old boy Chris. 
Chris really struggles to read and write (writing is harder for him than reading), he is around 2years behind on reading and writing. 

The school tells me it is not dyslexia as he can say how to spell a word, let's say t-r-a-i-n, but when asked to write the same word 10seconds later he can write tain. This they say is inconsistent with dyslexia and do not want to investigate further with professionals. 

I am not arguing that they are wrong, I can't help but wonder what else can this be and how do we find out what it is so that we know how to help him. I feel if we know what it is, I can find help easyer. 

For example, he often starts to write one sentence and half way through the sentence starts another sentence. So instead of "A girl went to the forest to find her brother. She went along shouting brother name." He will write: "A gil went to th forst her boter." 
He also struggles with reading, sometimes even simple words like "for", "of" and "from" confuse him. 

School few years back had a "read, write and correct" book where they gave children 10words each week to practice for a test on Friday. He spent almost two years learning how to spell "this" and "these" correctly, but could never get them right in the test. After two years finally he managed to get them right in the test, but 2weeks later I asked him to spell those words and he got them wrong. 

Math is is generally easy for him, but we are learning times tables at  the moment and he really struggles to remember them by heart. He can count in 3s, 7 times, but if you ask him 2minutes later he needs to count again.... And when I tried to ask him same time table again and gain he could never remember it (two weeks we tried) 

Please could you tell me what it can be and what should I do to get him assessed. 

Thank you


  • CagsieCagsie Member Posts: 1
    Hi Lisa
    try checking dyspraxia and dyscalculia on the Internet and if you think these might be a possible answer, approach your school to ask who they might suggest you talk to to see if he can be tested? My friends son had similar issues and can use a laptop but not write and he was found to have dyspraxia. Hope this may help in some way 
  • winterrose98winterrose98 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    My son has the same problem and is dyslexic ,  he uses a alphasmart neo 2 which the school has provided him with, its a mini word processor  with spell check and it prints out the work once completed.Good luck.
  • Yiman60Yiman60 Member Posts: 95 Connected
    edited October 2016
    This is another possibility. I would ask for an assesment of his needs which you are entitled to. Who said he was not dyslexic? Until my boys were being tested for Autism Spectrum I never realised I had Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and dyscalculia . I also have Irlen Syndrome. I am waiting to be assessed for ADD and Sensory Processing Disorder.

    Its worth testing mum and dad, it often follows in families.Try the colour overlay testing , see if it makes any difference. A laptop with the Dyslexia programmes will help. Special pencils and coloured paper. It's a case of testing for one and working your way through the different issues.

    if you check with iipsea they will explain your rights at school .

    I will certainly not go by a Teachers viewpoint. A mother is 95% correct.
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  • winterrose98winterrose98 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    My daughter has just been diagnosed with dyslexia and my older boy is dyslexic too. I would suggest getting your son tested for Visual Stress my daughter was seeing a sentence not in a line but in a zig zag formation so the words and letters were all over the place , we got on a great programme  through the optometrist at the hospital and she also tested my daughter with overlays and with tinted glasses, she still struggles but now sees thing a lot easier. You can buy different coloured overlays on eBay at a reasonable price.

    I also  bought paper where you can feel an embossed line on it so the child can feel were the line is to write on .

     I used a bit of blue tack to indicate a finger space and so taught her to move it withe each word written as my girl struggled and still struggles with this.   
    I would also find out what pencil your boy uses  , I bought pencils specifically for left handed people that was large and triangular in shape with grooves in it  this made writing so much easier and lighter on the hands for my daughter as she used to feel terrible pressure and pain in her hands

     If all else fails ask if your boy could get access to a computer for writing work as it should have spellcheck on it as well and the school could print the work off for him that's assuming he's good with a computer keyboard good luck its a matter of trying everything to see what works.
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  • Yiman60Yiman60 Member Posts: 95 Connected
    Ella1976 said:
    Where do you get the paper from?
    There are a number of specific Dyslexia Websites where you can get this paper .

    First of all you need to find out the reason why your son has these difficulties . It could be a number of reasons . As already suggested , Dyslexia , Irlen Syndrome , I have both including Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia . There is is possibility your son could be on the Autistic Spectrum . This should be also checked . Demand Avoidance is common .

    As a parent you can ask for an assessment of your childs needs . 

    The school should provide a laptop with Dyslexia Programmes which would immensely help your child .

    You could always borrow Dyslexia books from your library .

    There should also be a Dyslexia Support Group in your area . Check online .

  • Yiman60Yiman60 Member Posts: 95 Connected

    There is a lot of information on this link .
  • Yiman60Yiman60 Member Posts: 95 Connected

    You can check to see if changing the colour of the background helps . I would certainly try the colour overlays first because the glasses can be very expensive .

    As previously stated I am afraid it’s a bit trial and error to see what works .

    Whatever you do check a few websites because the prices of the paper , pencils etc varies immensely from site to site .

    The school should certainly have referred this child for assesment by now . If necessary get your Councillor / MP involved in your case .
  • bostrcharliebostrcharlie Member Posts: 1 Listener
    My brother is 9 and has been struggling to read. We tried out childrenlearningreading, its all online courses and it has helped a lot. It's all short lessons so it's easy on his short attention span.
    I'll leave the link here
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