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hi  my name is mary and Im on the low component for back problems I was wondering why they don't help anyone with mental health problems now I used to get it a few yrs ago 


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    Hi @soulrasta welcome to the community. So have your benefits changed?  Did you get an explanation of the changes?
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    No they didn't tell me why it stopped  I've had mental health problems all my life I'm 60 in January because of everything that goes on I don't go out house nearly 10 yrs I sit in my bedroom my doctors don't care all I get from them is repeat prescriptions they came out a few months ago and told me that they would get the mental health team involved I'm still waiting I think sometimes what is the point as far as pain in my back it's consent it restricts me doing a lot of things 
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    You could contact your local Mind who might be able to help you claim benefits for mental health problems. They helped a friend of mine in this way.
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    Hi Mary, is it PIP or DLA you are on?

    Both PIP and DLA can be awarded for mental health problems. If you query a DLA award though, you're likely to be asked to claim PIP instead.

    PIP is a points-based benefit. It does look at activities which are affected by mental health. You might be entitled to more money than you're getting now. Mind is a useful charity to contact as Matilda says, but as you have both physical and mental conditions you might want to get advice from an organisation who can look at both, to make sure you get the benefit you're entitled to. The CAB might be able to do a home visit for you.

    Another benefit you may or may not already be getting is ESA (employment and support allowance). That has a work-related activity component and a support component. If you are unable to go out at all maybe you should be getting the higher component. However, ESA also depends on your national insurance contributions and/or other income that you or any partner has.

    Do feel free to tell us a bit more about the benefits you are on now and your living situation and we can give a bit of guidance on whether you should be getting more.

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