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Hi, my name is nicky07!

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I had meningitis with septicema when I was 14 now I have been left with a lot of health problems I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia just over 7 years ago and when I got diagnosed I got knocked back for benefits for years then when I finally got a flat which I got support worker for 6 months I got full benefits them got mobility taken of me even though I'm getting worse and can't go far without a wheelchair gave you a idea of the stress they put me through just before Christmas I got a letter saying my benefit was going to stop because I failed to medical but didn't get appointment through so I had to suffer over Christmas anxiety and pain was so high with the stress and then finally when I went for medical even though I was in a wheelchair they still didn't give me mobility back I applied but still got knocked back and I couldn't take anymore ........
Sorry for rambling 


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    Hi Nicky07,

    Welcome to the community. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm really sorry to hear what an awful time you've had.

    Did you appeal the decision?