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Help, my daughter with diplegic cp just started secondary school

rachaelneall Member Posts: 6
edited May 2014 in Education
I'm looking for daughter started secondary school in September and I feel completely alone. I dont seem to get anywhere with explaining my concerns or her needs to school. Their whole attitude is that she should have gone somewhere else as they are not equipped for her. She wanted to attend a school where her friends from primary school were going so I decided that choosing this school would be better to alleviate possible bullying problems. The OT and physio are stretched really thin and only work certain days so I feel they are little or no support. What rights do I have as a parent to get things moving in the right direction? So far they cant even manage to provide foot support and or the right seating. I'm scared that while nobodys listening, there is permanent long term damage being done because shes tired with all the extra walking and a double p.e lesson etc...any advice/opinions would be gratefully received.



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