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HP Report details the worses aspects of condition


My condition varies and I got this through at the face2face, explained how things are going through the impact.

I got Enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility

Recent recieved a copy of the HP report and they have detailed that my condition has variations but the evidence they have wrote down seems to be only the information for the worse of the bad days.

e.g. on over 50% of days i use a chair/bed as support to help dress my lower limbs.  However when am having a really bday day or have an operation i need the help of another person to dress my lower limbs.

In the HP report they put - She states needs the help of father to dress lower limbs.

Is this correct but only statisfies a small percentage of the bad days.

Am still stressing over it all - and it has massively help me but at the same time massively crushed my confidence and increase my worry.



  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm not sure what you're worried about here. You've been awarded the highest possible award and no matter how many points you get now your award won't increase.
    Community champion and proud winner of the 2019 empowering others award. This award was given for supporting disabled people and their families for the benefit advice i have given to members here on the community.
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,258 Disability Gamechanger
    I can understand your concerns  because nobody wants to accept that we are disabled. We spend our time denying that we are and find ways to manage our lives as best we can.
    You were seen by an HCP that was professional and trained to see through coping mechanisms. Just because you have found ways to manage doesn't mean that you are not worthy of the right assistance which your HCP deemed was appropriate.
    Carry on with living to the best of your ability, you have got it right and maybe you can pass on some of your experience to the many people that are struggling.

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering

    I think you've got good advice here. I know it's difficult to see this written down about you but it sounds as if the HP was one of the better ones who is genuinely thinking about whether you're someone who should get PIP. I'd be wary of challenging the report because of the financial benefits you could get from a higher award. 

    If you're worried because you think that the report has resulted in you getting more money than you should based on the points system and how often you actually have difficulties, then you could go through the points system and see what you get on the self-test. I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up with enhanced points, maybe from slightly different activities than in the report. But it might put your mind at rest to see that you are getting the right award.

    If you are still worried after doing the points test do get back to us. Going back to your confidence issues though, this is something you could perhaps talk to your GP about - and you will get lots of help on the forum too. Remember that assessor only saw you very briefly. Good HPs do exist but even they are very rushed and under pressure to complete reports quickly.

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