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PIP, Cerebral palsy and processing of information, stamina and fatigue

Rainbow_wheelz16Rainbow_wheelz16 Member Posts: 30 Community champion
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
PIP reading and budgeting question.
If you can read, but have limited reading stamina due to CP and processing what you have read, would you be likely to score 2 points?
I get fatigued easily and having to concentrate makes fatigue even quicker. If I'm reading something  I often have to re read several sections again because it has all gone in. (Not sure if it's part of CP and/dyslexia.    The fatigue , processingand stamina have been major issues during my education years, for which I had a SEN, 50% extra time in exam and several multiple extensions to complete assignments. I also have some issues with maths  so I cannot do mental arithmetic and even with it written down would take significantly longer.  I find it very hard to hold numbers in my head and do sums.  I know £1 minus 50, but if you told me to mentally add up 1.59+ 1.37+ 2.98, I wouldn't be able to do this and would take me a long time written down. Will this count?  Thank you. Also, how many others with CP have these problems?


  • Rainbow_wheelz16Rainbow_wheelz16 Member Posts: 30 Community champion
    Please repost above as incorrect category. Please post to pip/DLA, ask a benefit advisor
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Rainbow_wheelz16, I've moved this into our PIP/DLA category where hopefully our members will be able to advise!
  • MarkinsuttonMarkinsutton Member Posts: 83 Pioneering
    Hello @Rainbow_wheelz16 your situation sounds similar to mine, I have CP and also have a diagnosis of Dyspraxia and scored 2 points for reading and understanding complex language on my PIP. A tip to help is get a text to speech screen reader it does help it still takes time and causes fatigue but it does help not having to follow words on a page. 

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 5,938 Disability Gamechanger
    Complex language is the one to go for. DWP line is that the reading activity is around cognition but that’s not an accurate reading. There’s a judge Mesher decision which entertains the idea that someone with a sensory impairment who maybe needs someone to read them something multiple times before they can retain and understand it all would score. It wasn’t directly relevant to the case at hand and it’s not been tested but I’ve got people points on a similar basis around the argument that you can’t perform the activity reliably nor in a reasonable time.

    So, yes, I think it’s a winner.
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