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Why have we been asked to complete an ESA50 form?

sarahannehouse Member Posts: 3 Listener
I am a STROKE Victim from 2009. I have a Carer / Driver / Cook / Appointee / Administrator as a Husband. He does most things for me. Including this Post to the Forum asking for some possible Guidance. We are both part of Disability Rights.

The DWP have been very helpful over the past 7 years. Unlike some of their very aggressive (Care?) Assessment Agencies. No names / Pack Drill. And I got an ESA50 Form too, this week.

So........I was wondering why after a fairly (Mark-01) Aggressive Home Assessment, which stopped after the antagonists were asked to leave, ....followed by another (After Complaint Procedure) much milder and humane Assessment Procedure at their Offices................

We get a ESA50 Form to complete, even though the kind & thoughtful DWP have Awarded PIP?

Is it that this demand for ESA50 is some sort of proxy 'Administrative Punishment-Beating'?

ESA has not been claimed by me. PIP is OK. The Award is advised thoughtfully. Professionals!

We just wondered if this is a Must-Do-It Form50, or is it a genuine mistake. Or a 'Trap'?

Does anyone know out there why an ESA50 is now demanded after a PIP Award?

When ESA has not been Claimed for or even mentioned. At anytime. In 7 years?

RSVP....................Thanks for kindly reading this.

We know there are much worst Cases.

Thanks...............Regards, Sarah & Husband.


  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 285 Pioneering
    edited May 2018
    If you are sure that you have not claimed ESA then the ESA50 questionaire will of been sent out in error, Because esa and PIP are different benefits and not linked apart from the disabilty premiums that are some times payable if you have PIP and ESA awards  have different criteria, ESA being focused on the work place,
    But imo if you qualify for ESA Support group , which from what you have said in your post, you should qualify, why not claim for it?
  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @sarahannehouse and a warm welcome to the community. Very good to have you with us.
    Not having an answer myself I'm going to tag some of our 'heavy hitters' :smile: into this and hope they get back to you as soon as they can.
    Warmest best wishes to you and to your husband,
    Tagging @BenefitsTrainingCo

  • sarahannehouse
    sarahannehouse Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thank you JennysDad....this looks to be a very promising information Forum.

    We are both grateful for the impending research and any likely guidance.

    Richard writes this with my support in conversations with him, hourly, daily.

    Many thanks SCOPE people and the Site Monitors .........Regards.....R&S.
  • sarahannehouse
    sarahannehouse Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thank you Tomm....

    We do not yet know enough of the Rules and Regulations, let alone the various and manifold changes to PIP / ESA / DLA / Credits and any other DWP / Agency / Assessment Criteria. Also the other historical (Read-Hysterical) Data required.

    I tried (Stupid-Boy) to telephone an Agency today. 47 minutes of 'Greensleeves'!

    Then thrown off ("Goodby"!) because I Replied in the wrongly to an auto-ebot.

    Tomorrow I will try again to reach the 'Professionals' at DWP. They at least try!

    More Tomm tomorrow and after the weekend on the Historical Status stuff.

    .....again many thanks.....Sarah (and myself) feel now, less alone in this.

  • whistles
    whistles Member Posts: 1,583 Disability Gamechanger
    edited May 2018
    Have you tried the benefits checker to see what you might be eligible for? 
    Esa might be one of these.
    If you get a lot of medication I think there is a form to save on the charges by charging one amount? Unless what you take is in the excempt category.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    Well this is a new one. I’ve never heard of anyone on PIP but NOT on ESA getting an ESA 50. The two are not administratively connected so nothing you’ve done re: PIP will or could have triggered the sending of an ESA 50.

    My suspicion is that you, or one of you, is getting ESA but may have misunderstood that. I would urgently check your existing award documentation and check bank accounts for what is actually in payment. The one thing you don’t want to do is find you were getting ESA and then missed the deadline for the return of the ESA 50. Whilst the form talks of giving reasons if you return it late in reality it’s a non-negotiable absolute of 4 weeks and if you miss that then your ESA is gone and life gets complex very quickly. 
  • angela1961
    angela1961 Member Posts: 2 Listener

    I am on ESA, indefinitely, but I have received an ESA50 in the post today. I was also on DLA indefinitely, but I was informed a couple of weeks ago that i'm now on PIP instead (indefinitely again). Do you think that is why they want another ESA50?

  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 285 Pioneering
    ESA awards aren't time limirted as  such, but they all get a prognosis date for a review  in the HCP's ESA85 report to the DWP decsion maker
    So they most likely are wanting you to complete and return  the ESA50 , to at least confirm if your condion has changed  since the time you where assessed
    You may have to submit to a F2F WCA or they may decide on a paper based assessment but if you ignore it or fail to return it within the time frame they will stop your ESA or part of it
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 273 Pioneering
    Hi Sarahannehuoue

    t risk of stating the obvious, you don' t have incapacity benefit, do you? I get that you have PIP but no ESA. I think that the ESA50 getting sent out is the way in which an ESA claim starts, if you currently have incapacity benefit (or severe disablement allowance).  

    Please ignore if this isn't relevant, i.e. if it's just wrong. 



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