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Wealthy People have dreams . Poor people die to make them come true

FriedGreenTomatoes Member Posts: 2 Listener
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Hello everyone. I am completely new to this. I am perhaps one of the thousands of those who have had a wonderful job, home, family, social life car etc to then lose everything [Overnight it seems] through Physical Injuries whilst working in challenging areas with Médecins Sans Frontières. I had a Complete Mental and Psychological breakdown during my hospitalisation for the Physical wounds I sustained. Sent Home. Live alone. 
I rely on Benefits now and hadn’t a clue where to start. Of course I received initial help etc but I have been wandering around your site like a ghost. Now I have Joined. Bonjour. I can get advice here or perhaps offer something in return. I have learned that in our marginalised world within we we live, that detached, impersonal, unsympathetic, callous rulers dwell. They, not all, almost want us to be circus performers before granting us benefits. They want to see us  jumping through hoops, wandering in a minefield of red tape, inquisitorial forms, almost wanting to see us eat the scraps from the  self-Righteous self   proclaimed "masters table.” Then if we are good little quiet people, they may, and I emphasise MAY, give us just enough to live on. Do they see Humanity, do they condone Inhumanity rather than being Humanitarian, understanding, empathetic and dare I say, merciful to a people through unfortunate  circumstances have found themselves being treated as “The Great Unwashed” Ive seen people for whom, form filling, appealing etc, eludes them, exacerbates mental health, Psyhosocial problems….Poverty. 

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    Hello @FriedGreenTomatoes   Pleased to meet you welcome. Please can I thank you for your post and also sharing.

    Understand what you are saying certainly will resonate with the community I am sure of that.

    I am one who can identify that situation.  Having been there and now going through like all the community.

    I am sure also that none of us in the community expects to be on benefits and to have to go through the systems.  That all of us in this community need to go through. Trying to prove one self to be whether disabled or ill or whatever the condition is.

    We are all supportive of each other.  Lots of information and advice. Plenty of new friends.

    Hope we can be of help. Need some one to listen.. There is always some one to make a comment or listen.

    If not I will be that person. Love to be.  I hope you will find us all pleasant and with kindness.   We all care and share so hope that is useful to you.

    Please take care


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