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Hi, my name is najdi!

najdi Member Posts: 9 Connected
I claim ESA support group more then 5 years
manteal health

i get my reassessment form about 6 month ago
i gave it to my DR he filled it send it back to them since then I heard nothing from them
i called them 
they said we have it 
we need to decide if you have to do face to face interviews or not

6 months now and no reply 
is this normal 
my money is coming as normally every 2 weeks
but has an realy worry about it and I keep thinking about day and night it’s makes my live  difficult 
i don’t know why I keep thinking they may watching me I stopped going out I changed my telephone and now I am thinking about  suicide I don’t have any one to turn to
as I don’t trust any one and this is part of my problem 
can you advice me please



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