Rejected for PIP

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In May this year I was sent letters about going on PIP. I was awarded DLA for life. I have autism and anxiety and learning difficulties as well as a wheelchair user and sensory difficulties. Mum had to fill the form in just about got in on time. They sent letter about assement it was set at 9.00am in a city me and  mum can't to due to us both being in wheelchair and having no transport mum already told them this . She rearranged it for me. For 10th August. I was too sick to attend the assment which is where I have problems. Mum phoned to explain this the woman on the phone was rude and said I'm done because you can't change it again no one told us this before. I finally got a response I was rejected. The problem is some horrible person stole my letter and documents I was going to send out of my bag on my wheelchair. So I missed the 1 month thingie. My grandma als0 recently died which made me forget about everthing. I am bow really struggling finally since I lost my DLA and rejected for PIP. Most days I'm lucky to be able to get food. I'm so scared for the future. 


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    @Sim1y3 I am sorry for what you are going, have u seen any advice about this and I hope everything get better
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    I’d be getting in touch with either CAB or your local MP if that’s possible for you. I’m disgusted at the way you were treated. I’m going through an MR for pip after being down scored for pip. Please get advice! X
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    Your local MP won't be able to do a great deal to help here. It sounds like you were refused because you failed to attend the assessment. If so then you're still within the time scale to request the Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) you actually have 13 months to request this, with good reason. I do recommend you get some face to face advice on the best way forward and contact welfare rights or a law centre near you.
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    Sorry to hear what you have been through.
    I found this and it seems that you can request a mandatory reconsideration up to 13 months after the DWP's decision. If the DWP refuse to do a mandatory reconsideration  you then have the right to appeal to a tribunal about that refusal.
    Good luck
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    Hi, I’m so sorry to hear this! 
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    you do get to appeal.surely you will and have done. you need to mention all this to us firstly. contact citizens advice 
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    Does sound like no consideration or leway is given to those with learning difficulties re the methodical aspects of the application process like meeting deadlines etc. i wonder does ur condition effect this sort of thing. 

    Yea go to you local citizens advice centre and explain the situation to them. They will give you some idea of where you stand and if you have grounds for appeal etc. but do so asap so you dont miss out. 

    Good luck