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Rejected for PIP

Sim1y3 Member Posts: 10 Connected
In May this year I was sent letters about going on PIP. I was awarded DLA for life. I have autism and anxiety and learning difficulties as well as a wheelchair user and sensory difficulties. Mum had to fill the form in just about got in on time. They sent letter about assement it was set at 9.00am in a city me and  mum can't to due to us both being in wheelchair and having no transport mum already told them this . She rearranged it for me. For 10th August. I was too sick to attend the assment which is where I have problems. Mum phoned to explain this the woman on the phone was rude and said I'm done because you can't change it again no one told us this before. I finally got a response I was rejected. The problem is some horrible person stole my letter and documents I was going to send out of my bag on my wheelchair. So I missed the 1 month thingie. My grandma als0 recently died which made me forget about everthing. I am bow really struggling finally since I lost my DLA and rejected for PIP. Most days I'm lucky to be able to get food. I'm so scared for the future. 



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