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DFG...disabled facilities grant

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About 6 years ago, an OT came out and saw my difficulties with the then current bathroom. It was small and pokey. I just about managed when I used a walker, but when I became a wheelchair user, it was impossible!

OT said I definitely needed a wet room..which we sacrificed a spare bedroom for. She fast tracked my need for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

A year later, I rang to ask where I was on the list. I was told number 161!!!!!!! So we arranged a bank loan and agreed to a term of 7 years. So we`re still paying it off.

I have recently been forced to pay towards my care package after 8 years of having nil charges. The charge is £57.22 a week.
In calculating my cost I was told they dont take loans into consideration, even though they know why I had to take it out.

When my hubby asked about this, he was told we should`ve waited for the council to do the work...even though I was unable to use my commode in the bathroom. Imagine how undignified it is to have to `go to the loo` in any other room but the toilet!

The reply to this was `she could`ve had a bed bath!` What about the need to let fresh warm water cleanse my supra pubic catheter.....what about the hair shampooing? What about a pain relieving hot shower? What about dignity? 
I despair...I really do. The fight goes on!



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