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I might be getting there...

Miss_AnnmarieMiss_Annmarie Member Posts: 20 Courageous
So back in Jan of 2019 my doctor told me that they did not think i would return to work, i have a number of bone and joint problems, including Osteoarthritis arthritis of the spine, spondylosis  of the cervical and lumber spine and cam deformities in my hip joints, meaning that i cannot walk very far, and i cannot sit on a office type chair for long, well any chair really... on top of this i have chronic depression.. so i had a face to face and was told i was fit to return to work as they don't take pain into account when assessing if somebody can work or not, and because i can do shopping if i lean on a trolley and walk slowly with frequent rests, i am good to return to work, not to mention the old empty box... i do get PiP lower mobility and care, so after waiting for 18 months on total i called the tribunal courts up today to see what is happening, as i am getting desperate, no new clothes for 18 months, washer of the fritz, and no money go go anywhere, im stuck in alone 24 hours a day especially with covid. so anyway they said i am now at the top of the pile and should be getting a listing within the next week or so yay!, i suppose i just wanted to tell someone, thanks so much for listening :)


  • charlie79charlie79 Member Posts: 202 Pioneering
    Hello welcome, 
    I  hope things improve and you get results hoped for. I understand what you mean getting things off your chest. I find it difficult to talk but when problems arise.
    I find someone just taking 2 mins of there time to listen helps the loneliness and is a comfort.
    I can't give you any useful advise, but I have moments I can listen well in this case read.
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