Question About The My Decision

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I've been on pip for quite a few years I've recently been reassessed and lost my pip completely as I scored 2 points but I've started a MR because I noticed that the My Decision Part explaining there decision did not at all match with what and how I described my conditions and how they effect me daily has anyone else had any experience similar or any advice to offer 


  • janer1967
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    Hi and welcome 

    If you look in the PIP section you will see lots of examples similar to yours 

    All you can do is the mr and detail all descriptors you disagree with the points and why 

    Give 2 real life examples for each one on how you perform the tasks and what happens 

    Good luck let us know how you get on 
  • wilko
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    Hello I put in for a change of circumstances last September 2020. My award was extended at the same time. I had my phone assessment in early January so requested my assessment report shortly afterwards. After receiving it I was the same award as before. The HP had noted on five of the activities/descriptors that because I drive an non adapted automatic car and use two mobility scooters a boot type and class 3 for dog walking she deemed I should be capable of doing the activities I was reporting a change of circumstances. I have requested that my award is looked at again and downloaded the form and sent a 10 page response to each of the activities I was marked down having sent ind details of my inabilities and help or assistance that is given in my application form. So it a mater now of waiting. I phoned yesterday and was informed that my new award will continue to be paid until a new award is granted or remains the same..Make sure you have medical evidence and supporting letter from health professionals stating your diagnosis, inabilities ect as this is paramount to wining your MR.