Hi, I'm westcoast! Is backpayment from date of decision, or when health assessment was sent in?

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Hi, I have waited 15 months for my health assessment, which I finally got last month.
I am fairly certain I will be placed in the LWRAG.
I am still awaiting a decision.
However I messaged on my UC journal today, asking if there was any update, the message I received was not what I was expecting.
They told me there was NO time scale for a decision to be made, and that if I hadn't heard anything within 4 months they would escalate it.
Also they said if there was any money owed to me it would be paid from the date of the decision.
As far as I was aware it would be back dated -3 month from when my health assessment was sent in.
Can you please clarify this.
Many thanks


  • janer1967
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    Back pay is paid from when you reported the medical condition with the 3 month waiting period so month 4 after reporting it 
  • westcoast
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    Many thanks for your reply so would that be 3 months from the start of me receiving UC.
    Or 3 months from when I sent in the medical questionnaire?
    Both are over a year.

  • calcotti
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    As janer advised, 3 months from when you reported the health condition. If that was when you start of your claim then the LCWRA element would be payable from the fourth payment.
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @westcoast. Have you had a decision yet? How long has it been now?