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Denied PiP renewal, reasons given are an absolute joke.

Applecrayon Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited June 11 in PIP, DLA, and AA
So I got my pip renewal notice, and had a telephone assessment a few weeks ago which I thought went pretty well. I told them lots of details about my issues and how my daily life is. Came off the phone feeling pretty confident. Had my decision letter today and I was shocked to see my claim was declined. Zero points on everything. So, I moved on to the 'here's how we came to this decision' part and my jaw almost dropped. The decision seems to have been made based on my first ever face to face assessment nearly 5 years ago. Absolutely nothing I mentioned during my phone assessment influenced there decision, in fact it was never mentioned. Everything was based on the face to face. No mention of how things have gotten worse, no mention of anything I said. But that's not even the worst part...

Part of the decision is just a copy and paste of another paragraph. I thought I'd got mad reading it through it, but the second paragraph is pasted mid way in another paragraph. It then goes on to say they made their decision based on my mental state evaluation and my ESA assessment...which was also 5 years ago. Nothing about my latest telephone assessment. 

It's even more shocking because my PiP actually went up a few years ago because an activist for my condition convinced the DWP that it's actually more serious than they gave it credit for. 

Obviously I am going to ask for a mandatory reconsideration and then take it to tribunal, but I find it shocking that the person who decides if I'm allowed PiP can't even be bothered to proof read their own work. 


  • Emilyb81
    Emilyb81 Member Posts: 527 Pioneering
    Sorry @Applecrayon all I can say is :disappointed: I just can't believe how many people this kind of thing happens to! I know there will be more negative posts on this forum than positive just because that's how it is but it is literally every single day lots of people have been turned down when they should not of been and these assessors or decision makers are clearly not doing their job right or maybe they are supposed to take people's pip away more than grant it?? I don't know but it's just a very sad state of affairs that's me done il be quiet now! I really hope your MR is successful! Good luck with everything! :smile:
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 7,445 Disability Gamechanger
    The reasons for a PIP decision are based on a template selection of specific paragraphs. They’re not worth getting het up about as they have no relationship as to why a claim is refused. If they wrote in detail about why each claim was rejected the backlog would run to years. 

    Generally speaking people tend to wrongly assume that where their condition is unchanged or even worse then renewals will be a breeze. In reality then unless your form exactly matches or exceeds the quality of your first form then there is likely going to be some issues every time. The reality is that the HCPs and decision makers get it right in the majority of cases. 
  • Emilyb81
    Emilyb81 Member Posts: 527 Pioneering
    I know they have their ways of doing things but it does seem like there is a lot of stress and anxiety put on people that are already struggling? I don't have the answers about how to do it differently but I just get upset because I relate to feeling what was the point in getting vulnerable and telling them personal embarrassing stuff if they are then going to ignore it or say I disagree at the end of it :disappointed: but it is what it is hopefully  we get better news from MR or tribunal :smile:
  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 2,983 Disability Gamechanger
    mikehughescq said:... In reality then unless your form exactly matches or exceeds the quality of your first form then there is likely going to be some issues every time. ..
    As you often remark too, even with the same information different people may draw different conclusions.
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  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Member Posts: 7,445 Disability Gamechanger
    Well indeed. Without wishing to be misconstrued we do live in a world in which the DWP are always wrong but claimants are never wrong even when fessing up to knowing nothing about the claim process. 


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