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Social care bill

Jonesy1 Member Posts: 20 Connected
We will wait to see what increase the MP,s will give themselves 


  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,356 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm not sure how that compares to social care, especially as all MP'S pay national insurance and many will pay the new share dividend increased taxation.
    If i'm honest I would have to say that MP's are in comparison to many country's underpaid, not when you consider they are responsible for around 70,000 constituents.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • Teddybear12
    Teddybear12 Member Posts: 782 Pioneering
    Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) are responsible for determining MP's pay.
  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Member Posts: 1,836 Pioneering
    Jonesy1 said:
    We will wait to see what increase the MP,s will give themselves 
    I don’t see what relevance you are trying to make to social care or what link you are trying to establish. 
  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Posts: 4,619 Disability Gamechanger
    Hopeing the prime minister keeps his promise to Barbara Windsor when he he said he would put help and support in for people with dementia / alzihmers  becsuse there isn't any now 

    Since I have had my mum liveing with me I have had no  help or support only carers mum has had to pay for whilst I work some people can be cruel and have called my mum not very nice names because they are ignorant 

    There is a lack of understanding of dementia they are still people they still deserve to have quality of life going on holiday etc they still have feelings 

    The unpaid carer gets a raw deal all round 
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,356 Disability Gamechanger
    I would have to agree that families who provide care are under paid and overlooked and yet they save the country £billions.
    I would like to see two things happen, carers allowance increased to at least a £100 a week and the amount anyone getting CA can earn increased to £200 a week.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 12,375 Disability Gamechanger
    Totally agree about unpaid carers after all their commitments prevent them from working so how are they expected to finance their life 

    Also some small recognition for child carers who get no recognition or support 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can't help I will
  • Cress
    Cress Member Posts: 970 Pioneering
    It always annoys me that whenever carers having an increase is brought up there's always some politician coming back with 'but you are also allowed to work' to justify why they don't think it should happen.
    When many carers can't even get a couple of hours a week to themselves, let alone a job, because of their caring roles.
  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Posts: 4,619 Disability Gamechanger
    I was working before mum came I only do two nights but because mum has to much money she pays her own care but because I get limited capability to work I cant get carers allowance 

    Makes it hard for me as I have constant arguments with my brother  over mums money as he is power of attorney but he expectes me to give my job up so that I don't need carers and expects me to pay for mum out my money its been hard a stressful  the money for carers is sorted now so just have to make the best of it 

    @janer1967 I agree with what you said about children careing unfortunately local authorities have a dim view of this and have intervened which isn't fair but does happen 


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