Hi copy of report ?

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Good morning . Quick question . Dwp have received the assessment report. Instead of asking for a copy to be sent via the post. Seriously bad anxiety. Can a case manager tell me about the report over the phone? 
I’ve had exceptionally horrendous time . Which a case manager is already aware of . 
30 weeks just had my assessment. It’s been a living hell . 


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    They don't usually read the assessment report to you over the phone. To be honest, if you're sufferring from this much anxiety then i would advise you not to request a copy of the report because on doing so it will only increase your anxiety.
    Try to relax, i know it's hard but hopefully, you won't be waiting too long for the decision but there's no timescales.
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    Thank you . Dammed if I do dammed if I don’t :( x