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Help for adults

why is everything for children, I know from personal experience there is very little help for single  younger than 65 disabled women... everywhere I turn there just doesn’t seem to be any support especially at times like christmas


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    Hello @Khwai I know the feeling it is not only single women under 65 who are disabled.  It is single men as well who need support.  I understand your situation as well.  I am in early fifties and now need to find some support ongoing health and disability.  Had three years with mental health charity now told last month that tenure is up.  I understand it is part of a lot of charities to limited time with them.  As I am getting older it trying to replace that support and I will have to look around.  I wish you the best in finding support and help.  Being part of this forum helps and community. 
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    Hi @Khwai, and welcome to the community! I hope you find our online forum to be supportive and inclusive for all: as you say, this time of year can be particularly difficult for people. Feel free to join in our recent discussions, and just let us know if there's anything we can assist you with. 
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    I know what you mean. I was diagnosed with Autism as an adult. (I was born in 1989; so unlike those born in the 2000s, I wouldn't have been diagnosed as a child if my parents had tried to seek a diagnosis when I was younger) I asked for support and was pretty much told no because I should have adapted to it now. Adapted to what, exactly? Being taken advantage of by so called friends? Not being able to deal with everyday things such as crowds?

    It;s the same with my hearing and vision. There's no support for younger adults. I hear stories of parents moaning about having to wait for support. But at least their child is getting support. I had to beg to even get mobility training. And that was poor.