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Hi all, 

I wondered if anyone wanted to share podcast recommendations? 

I like True Crime, so I devoured "Serial", "Casefile" and just started on "My Favourite Murder". 

I also like "No Such Thing as a Fish" which is factual comedy and is made by the same people as QI. 

Does anyone else have a must listen?


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    Ohh I love a bit of true crime!! I like 'and that's why we drink' it's a true crime and paranormal podcast. And 'they walk amongs us' is another true crime one.

    I also like Adam Buxton podcast and Sofie Hagan.
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  • secondbee
    secondbee Member Posts: 23 Courageous
    Cool! I'll have to check those out! 

    I also thought of another one I like. It's called "Beautiful Anonymous" and what happens is a caller gets put on with the host and then has up to an hour to talk about whatever they want and the host can't hang up. The call will cut off at 60 minutes but that's it. There have been some seriously brilliant shows of the podcast over a wide range of issues, including early onset dementia, a woman who found out her husband was a child molestor, and a guy who managed to make renewing his passport into an interesting story.