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Chronic migraine - too early to apply for pip?

sunflowersunflower Member Posts: 33 Courageous
Hi I have taken the self assessment which says I could be eligible.  I have chronic migraine.  I am a teacher, been off work for 7 months.  Suffering for years with migraines, been getting progressively worse. I am a single mum, with 2 kids under 16 and I am totally desperate.  Have now gone down to half pay.  Their dad lives close by and the kids spend half their time with him.  I barely leave the house. I have seen a neurologist and am due to see him again.  I see my gp regularly and so far the drug treatments do not have much effect.  My migraines roll into each other and I'm either coming out of one in the hangover stage, in the middle of one, or can feel one coming.  If I do get a day where I feel I am going to get my head above water I want to spend it doing nice things with my kids.  But I can't because I am so tired. I seriously do not have any kind of life.  I am desperate.  Should I apply for PIP now or do I have to wait until I have had it for a certain length of time?  I am expecting an appointment through any day from the neurologist, do I have to speak to him about applying or do the dwp get in touch directly?  I am trying to get this straight as it takes me longer to process all this info as my brain is mush now with these migraines.
I'd appreciate advice.  Thanks


  • debsidoodebsidoo Member Posts: 327 Pioneering
    Hi Sunflower
     Has your GP given you a firm diagnosis as to the cause of all this.I know pip is based on how your conditions affect you rather than a medical diagnosis but without evidence of a cause behind the attacks they may decide you have no proof of this condition.I realise this sounds very negative but the DWP need some kind of input from the medical profession to base their decisions on.
    Once a firm diagnosis is established they will be aware of how conditions progress and you will be able to explain fully how you are affected in your application form.
    I suggest you get an appointment with your GP and discuss it with them and see if they can offer you any advice as to whether they think you would be eligible to apply. If so then there are agencies such as CAB or Age U.K. who can help with the descriptor wording.
  • sunflowersunflower Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    Hi @debsidoo the neurologist has given me a diagnosis of chronic migraine. Work requested a report from him which I received a copy of. I'm due to go back and see him in the next couple of weeks. He knows I am unable to work at all . My gp has sent him an urgent letter saying I'm really struggling.
  • debsidoodebsidoo Member Posts: 327 Pioneering
    Hi Sunflower 
    Go tothe Benefits and work website and take the pip self test.This will show you how each descriptor scores.If from this you feel you should qualify then call DWP today and request the claim form or you can apply online.
    It is probably best that you get help with these forms by one of the aforementioned agencies as sometimes the way your application is worded can mean the difference between success and having to appeal.
    I would ask your GP for a letter to confirm you are unable to work and send in copies of the neurologists reports.
    You must keep copies of everything and post out only signed for as letters have a habit of being mislaid at the other end.Good luck.
  • whistleswhistles Member Posts: 1,590 Disability Gamechanger
    What sickness benefits are you currently claiming? You are probably on half pay and so I wouldn't know if you could actually claim these.

    Your condition needs to have been present for three months and likely to last another nine. It's the majority of days I believe it's a minimum of four.

    This sounds stress related to me being a teacher and a single mum. Did these start when you started teaching or with all the extra workload that got dumped on you when they started all the tests. I know kids suffering with migraines because they can't cope with school. Pip will ask the start date and diagnosis date. 

    No idea on your age but could you be pre menopausal or menopausal. It has a lot to answer for in terms of hormones.
    Avoid coffee.
    Have they done scans, not wishing to pry but certain epileptic episodes can cause migraines.

    Who helps you look after the children at moment alongside their dad. They could provide written support as family/ friends/ people that know you can on these forms.

    As the above poster said even though we get told it's related to how our day is effected, you will need to provide evidence that you see outside professionals, they will likely confirm your condition and meds. I only say that because one of my conditions was dismissed because of  no outside support as the reason. 
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
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