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Losing all my support

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I have been diagnosed with a personality disorder and severe PTSD I have been in the system for years and last month due to lack of funding they withdrew my CPA , told me I need several years of psychological input but there aren't any psychologists,! So I've been told to go private which I can't afford due to contributing financially to my carers who come in due to my physical disabilities. I'm really struggling to cope! My gp is putting I a complaint but he said it won't change the fact there isn't any help. Feel totally abandoned and written off. I don't know what to do?


  • kath1234
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    I'm new on here. I'm having to send begging letters to get help for my son. In this day and age this is all so cruel.
  • joyclyn
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    I am sorry it is bad what's happening   but I hope you get through  it all   with happy ending
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    Hi @K80
    Welcome to the community, I am sorry you are having such a tough time.  Have you thought about contacting your MP?
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    In some areas there are charities and individual counsellors/therapists who will counsel you for very little money. Also, if you live near a university that teaches psychology/counselling, they sometimes have a low-cost service. 

    Otherwise, are there any support groups near you? They're not professionals, of course, but it can be helpful to share with others.

    Self-help books can help. I've used one called Mind Over Mood, which was good. 

    Hope that might help...
  • kath1234
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    My son is going through the same thing. Apparently what you both suffer with is a grey area where there isn't the help .I know his won't be any help to yourself but my son committed a crime and is in court very soon . We are hoping the courts make it conditional he gets help. I really do feel for you. 
  • Shylers
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    Sadly I understand only too well...😢
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    Have you tried charitable mental health organisations? Good luck