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Hi am new to all this and totally lost. Have been suffering with labral tear for past 17 months. Got diagnosed September last year was struggling in work for 7months thinking it was a groin strain. To finally be told labral tear and osteoarthritis of the hip. Saying i will need a hip replacement am 48 Couldn't walk pain as been so bad was put on ESA then went for medical in May 2018 been suffering really bad panic attacks anxiety also fibroids have to go into hospital on the 24th July  for operation. On top of this been having vertigo and server migraine. Also recently had terrible pain and ache in my left shoulder and arm and now gone to other arm. My doctor sent me for x-ray and all my bloods done he thinks it burtitis. Basically feel like am losing my mind. Went for work focused interview had server panic attack so my work coach phoned me up. I was a mess on the phone she basically wrote to DWP and done me a mandatory reconsiderstion saying I should be in support group. Got letter today was turned down. Am so lost with everthing don't no which way to turn. Sorry being so long winded. Any advice would be appreciated just drained. Thankyou.


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    Thank you Mike for your reply this is all a little daunting. Just feel so drained with it all it's just so humiliating. 
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    Thankyou Mike am actually in the process of tribunal for pip was advised by my doctor. He actually wrote a letter basically saying my walking distance is significantly limited causing pain at 20 to 50 metres on the flat and have had an ultrasound guided injection under the orthopaedic team and the only option left is an hip replacement. Did give this into ESA pip dosent no about all my other problems was told by citizens advice that's it's not about my other problems. Do have a representive she basically said to wait for dates for tribunal to come through before we do anything about it. It's just the thought of going through this all again with ESA am sorry for going on and I no people our alot worse of than me. It's all really took a toll on my health. But thanks again for your advice much appreciated.


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