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bedroom tax for my husbands bedroom

hi for the last 2 years ive been in a seperate bedroom to  my husband because of my illness i asked the council at the time about not having to pay for it but said i would so have been paying since ,i just found out though that on april 1st 2017 the law changed and that you dont have to pay for the bedroom your carer uses ,i contacted the council and they said to send a letter to them from my GP so i have has this happened to anyone else and will i be able to be refunded from last april they are sly dogs the council as they never told us off the law change even though they knew i was struggling to pay the extra £50 a month for that bedroom


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    I must admit to being annoyed by the number of times the "Bedroom Tax" is vilified. The use of an extra room keeps young families homeless, no matter how much it may be needed and I have come across so many people claiming to need an extra room when it isn't really a necessity at all. I won't comment on ANY particular case just "in general". This situation has only come about since they applied it to council houses. It may surprise people to realise that the bedroom was and still is applied to private renting and has been for 20 years or more. It is only low income council house users that make a big issue of it. Try thinking about how it affects everyone and not just the minority for a change.

    Oh, one other point, there is no reason at all for any government body of any sort to tell a person what they are and are not entitled to claim for. It is up to the claimant to find out for themselves. Most government bodies will terminate the employment of any worker providing such information.

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    well my room is  crucial  and is a necessity to us my husband would have to sleep on a  couch because of equipment i need ive lived there 20 years and its been adapted for me ive had the council ask us if they can find a logder for us for the room but it isnt spare, if people have lived in a house for so long why should we be asked to move out when our son has left home i agree that houses shouldnt be let since the new laws to people who only need smaller homes but a couple with no children have just got a three bedroom house across the road from us it doesnt make sense to me 


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