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Girls with CP & their periods

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Hello all,

My daughter hasn't actually started her periods yet but I feel like it will happen soon. She's 9 and about 2/3 years back she had two lumps come up under her nipples and had started to grow pubic hair, obviously I was concerned so we went to the GP who passed us on to the paediatrician who sent us for a blood test, which came back to say that she wasn't in the precocious period stage, but since then she has grown more hair and some under her armpits, starting to get body odour and more shape around her breast area.

I'm finding it difficult to find help/research on children with cerebral palsy and periods, let alone trying to find all that and add to that equation a child who had continence needs as well.

Has any parents gone through this and could help a stressed mumma out

Hope you are all keeping well and safe