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Hi, my name is mychway! Looking for tips on weight loss.

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Hi there, I am overweight, and I begin to eat less last month. I wanted to lose weight successfully. If you have better tips on weight loss, don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks


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    Hello @mychway and a warm welcome to our online community!  How are you this gloriously sunny day?  :)

    Well done you for deciding to take steps towards losing weight.  Is this something you've ever spoken with your GP about?  If not, I'd encourage you to contact them so they can offer professional advice about diet and exercise, plus look at referring you to local services i.e. weight loss groups/walking groups.  

    Uppermost it's important to not drastically reduce your calorie intake - by missing breakfast/not having regular meals - to help you lose weight in a healthy way that you can maintain safely.  Here's some NHS tips on how to lose weight.

    Whilst, we've also had a few threads about this topic in the past that you might like to read for ideas, these are:
    How are you finding the diet so far?  Please keep us posted and good luck.

    Just to let you know, I've moved this thread to our Healthy living category and amended the title to help others spot what it's about.  
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    Hi and welcome 

    Good luck with your weight loss I would say cutting down and eating healthy is the best option lose it slow and its about changing your lifestyle the best way to maintain your weight 
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    Hello @mychway and welcome to the community, I hope you've found the above advice helpful. 

    I wish you the very best with your weight loss, have you discussed the subject with your GP?
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  • woodbine
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    If I need to lose weight then I cut out cakes/biscuits and fizzy drinks, but as above the best way is to do it slowly better chance that way of your weight staying down.
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  • fluffycat
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    (1) Do it slowly so not left starving and can stick to a plan over a long time (own or from a book etc.)

    (2) Appreciate it's easier at the start as you have more scope to shave calories off as your calorie requirement is higher when heavier 

    (3) Don't have naughty food in the house and if want to be naughty buy a small portion so not tempted.

    (4) Healthier Food swaps for food out of the house. 

    (5) x GOOD LUCK x