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Hi, my name is userkaz!

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I've been reading the posts about abdomino phrenic dyssynergia wondering how people in the UK are getting their diagnosis? A number of threads discussed being diagnosed with this condition but nobody mentions which specialist or tests led to the diagnosis. 
I feel that many of the posts capture my current situation: being completely incapacitated by pain with ineffective painkillers and I'm desperate to get some help because I've not been able to move freely for over a year now. For me, only laying still and flat is pain free.
Please reply if you have any advice about where I might go for a diagnosis or which tests rule this condition in or out.
Many thanks 


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    Hi @userkaz - & welcome to the community. As it would be your GP that would do referrals, your best course of action would be to discuss your symptoms with them so they can advise. A gastroenterologist may be one option, but it may surprise you to know that physiotherapy may be able to help with the treatment if the cause of your problems is indeed Abdomino-phrenic dyssnergia. Please see: https://zionphysicaltherapy.com/abdominophrenic-dyssynergia   But first, see your GP as they know your medical history the best.

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    Hello @userkaz

    I wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the online community, 

    Sorry to hear about how much you have struggled with pain in recent times, it sounds really hard. To get a diagnosis, the best place to start is normally your GP. Have you spoken with them before about how you feel and the pain you experience?

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