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Hi, my name is MaiaB123!

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My daughter has Cerebral Visual Impairment, Auditory Processing Disorder and other tactile sensory issues, as well as epilepsy.  At this moment in time, (she's 15) she's supposed to be transferring from a  Statement of 0.8 to an EHCP, but it's been an absolute nightmare, I noticed that there are courses run by SCOPE, so thought I'd look into those intially.


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    Hi MaiaB123, welcome to the community. @BethSlade may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Hey MaiaB123!

    we have a service that is called Independent Support (or IS for short) - it does what it says on the tin really, supports parents & young people who are trying to get an EHCP, completely independently from local authorities, school etc.  They can be with you for the whole process and help if there are disagreements etc.

    We have the contract to provide this in 6 areas of the country - but where we aren't available, there will be another provider who is.  


    ^^this link will help you find your IS service.  If it's Scope (our contracts are Leeds, Norfolk, Suffolk, Thurrock, Southend-on-Sea, and Peterborough) you can refer yourself, using our (very quick and simple) online form: 


    If you have general q's about EHCPs, feel free to fire away - although it might be worth using the search bar (you can search within the community) for chatter about EHCPs in case someone else has already come across the same issues as you're experiencing :)

    Good luck moving forward, and a very big welcome from me :)

    -B x