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Scored 0 in PIP assessment - how can I prove my need?


  • julierose
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    hello i recieved my PIP assesment results and even though i was on high rate indefinate mobilty like many i scored 0 in all ..the main problem with me is  they lied saying i can walk more than 200mtrs  .when the assesor came he even asked if i was ok geting 10 steps to my chair ..i reman in my home most of the time .use a wheelchair pushed by someone if go out . not getting the pip means i have now lost help with being able to get a smaller easier accesible home .and help wiith moving relocating my stairlift etc  .. i dont understand how they are allowed to lie about how we are  ..yes i can appeal but how can i proove any differant  even the drs know my problem ...they never even checked my abilty to walk ...sorry i am suffering from severe depression and was on a thin line already now i really cant see a way out of all this 
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi Julie,

    Really sorry to hear this but there are steps you can take to get the right decision. If you haven't already, do ask for the decision to be looked at again - this is called a mandatory reconsideration. Ask for that within one month of the decision, if you can.

    The medical is only part of the evidence the DWP decision maker should be looking at. They should also look at what you put on the claim forms, and any supporting evidence you sent in. If you have any more evidence you can give them to accompany your request for a reconsideration, from anyone that works with you for example (doctor, consultant or other professionals), that always really helps.

    To be shown to stand and then move more than 200 metres the assessment should consider whether you could do so without severe discomfort including pain and fatigue. It doesn't sound as if that was considered at all. Also, if you can just manage to get to your chair to transfer and then cover the distance, you should not be considered able to move that far - so you should have got the points. The test is about whether you can move whilst standing upright, not whilst using your wheelchair, so the decision definitely sounds wrong. 

    I'd consider making a complaint about the medical too, as it sounds inadequate - I know it's a lot of work, but the more people complain, the more likely that we might one day get a better standard of medical assessment. The company that carried out the medical should have their own complaints system. I think you should complain to the DWP too about their acceptance of the evidence from the medical and the use of that company.  

    The reason I'd really focus on complaints as well as getting the decision changed is that it sounds as though you have lost out on a lot through losing PIP (or at least the mobility component - I don't know if you got any care component). If you complain then there's the chance that the company or department responsible could have to compensate you for the loss of the chance to move house - so it's really important not to miss out on that.

    As regards the PIP itself, if the mandatory reconsideration isn't successful, you then have a right of appeal to an independent tribunal. Again any evidence you can submit to the tribunal is useful, but if you are able to attend (the venue should be accessible), then the tribunal has the chance to question you and will be able to come to an independent view. What you say about your condition is just as much evidence as anything from the medical. It's always helpful if you can have a representative at a tribunal, such as someone from Citizens Advice, so it is worth talking to them if you can, certainly if the mandatory reconsideration stage doesn't change the decision. They could also help you with some of the paperwork involved.

    Another option is to talk to your MP - they might have people working in the constituency surgery who can help you with the complaint and with challenging the decision, and the more we can highlight this issue to MPs, the more likely we are to solve the issue long-term. I really hope you get this decision changed and are able to move to a more accessible home Julie. 

    I noticed you mentioned feeling depressed - worth stating this in your complaints. Also, depression can be relevant to the daily living component of PIP (for example if it affects your ability to engage with people), so if you think you should get this too, include that in your request for a reconsideration. Also, if you aren't already getting it, the depression could be relevant to a claim for another benefit, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

    Best of luck Julie, this decision can (and should) be challenged.

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  • scouser
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    I just hard some really bad thing about face to face pip interview but I can host say even mine went well as after reading thing on scope I decided to play it pip way and may be this may help others I didn't just answer the question I got up slowly and with out help and showed them my walking and how I hold a cup etc and how wake my arms were and I the end  the nurse that seen me told me I would just go streat over to pip I was on mid care and high mob but just got letter off pip and I got 26 points for both so now I am in enhanced for both mob and care I thing cost I showed them how my health was worked in my raver so if they don't believe you in words how them like I did I am £100 nth better off now I can pay for a care and give me wife a rest 
  • hoshheat21
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    Under DLA my son was receiving high mobility and care.  Since PIP was introduced he has lost both.

    I have appealed and am awaiting appointment for a Tribunal.

    He has lifelong disabilities, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Small nerve neoropathy, Semantic Pragmatic Disorder, Pica and now awaiting MRI scan due to blackouts.

    Because he is high functioning and able to speak for himself, the medical examiner, assumed he was fine,  even though he is in constant pain with small nerve neoropathy (for which he had a recent biopsy to identify his treatment, in the meantime he has been prescribed strong painkillers).  It is impossible for him to walk without pain.

    The PIP assessment appears to focus on the care element and disregards mobility - or lack of it
  • scouser
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    All I can say is this pip is not for poeple who have disability s it's for poeple who can't walk or do day today things  and unless you can prove this it's a lot harder to get on you have to prove that you can't cook or dress your self etc or need help they have change the goal post from dla and pip and the poeple you can blame is the onces you see on TVs getting all these benefits and yet they go and walk and play 12 hole golf coarse or clime ladders or work doing hard labouring jobs after that just winning high rate mobility and care and the tax pay were not happy with it and that you can blame them so the govement had to put foot down cos of dishonest poeple and we all no someone who's done that so you can't blame the govement only the gready dishonest poeple who were luring about there health just to get etc money in the first place and becos of this a lot off honest poeple are losing there money cos of it but if you have health proms  and are telling the truth and fail with your pip then you need to take it to court and try and prove your case pip as been made up to stop the dishonesty of poeple but cos of this everyone and me that are honesty sick and can't work etc have to prove them selfs all over again cos off other poeple lies and I am sorry if you don't like what I put cos to me it's the truly 


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