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Hi, my name is amlew!

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Hi X I'm wide awake as usual at 1.30 am x 

New to this site as it just popped up on my fb news feed x 

I am a carer for my partner. He left the army in 2011 fit and healthy physically but suffered complex ptsd and co morbid depression. He then suffered a spinal injury following a failed lumbar puncture in Nov 2011. He suffers with intermittent paralysis to his legs, falls, incontinence, chronic pain and exasperation of his ptsd and mental health x 

It's made me very unwell too x we have 6 children x 2 in Oz, 1 about to fly out and join them and 3 little ones at home x 20, 19, 18, 10, 8 and 4 years old x 

I'm a nurse of 22 years x currently not working as I'm mentally emotionally and spiritually exhausted x we have no help apart from  Home Start volunteer that visits once a week. She keeps me going x 

Would love to chat and meet new people x need some support x x 


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    HI @amlew welcome to the community, jump in and get involved on the posts.  You can see all the latest posts here and see the different categories here.

    It all sounds very difficult for you and your family, do you get any financial support? If you need help with that side of things, you can ask a benefits advisor and we have lots of information.

    I am a massive fan of Home Start, I volunteered for them a few years ago after I had support from them when my babies were little.  The team at Home Start might be a good place to start in asking if there is any other support available to you.

    This community is a safe and friendly space for you to ask questions, chat with others and get support and information.  I know it can be isolating to be a carer and I hope you can get what you need from the community.

    Where abouts in Australia do your kids live?  My sister is in Sydney, she loves it over there.  It's just so far away isnt it?! I really miss her often, it must be hard to have your kids in another country (however old they are!)
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    Welcome @amlew I so sorry what you and your husband are going through and it can be very hard with the amount of responsibilities that you have taken on. Your husband should be having full support which the law states with your husband being in the army. Scope  have a counselling  service which is excellent. And for your self for a chat scope have a chat site here through the day. You have a admin advisors for different situations, You will find for you and your husband help and advice can be available. You be surprised when you go through each segments of information and discussions and you find for both of you  that you are among friends and support. Have a drink ready on the chat line with a dunking you will see what I mean, Have a safe day and hubby as all the support is here