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Support son to build his confidence up

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Hi everyone, 
I have a son who is 30 years old with learning difficulties.  I work full time and he is at home all day by him self. I have my mum who lives near by who supports him. My son tells me regular that he wants to work and meet people. He won't go to groups I have tried and he won't go anywhere he doesn't know. Is there any support to help my son with activities in the home first to build his confidence up?


  • GeoffBosworth195661
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    Hello @Mandy2017 Welcome to the site and your son, The feed back that you are explaining is a issue that your son wants to work. He would have to be with other people around your son probably never have met before. with having learning difficulties does he fully understand he will have to face new people around. You have not said if he as a support worker as this is the area that your son can get the help he needs. This would have to be done in so many stages depending on the reaction and ability of your son. Support worker is a one to one and can take you son out quite places museums places of interest gardens and so on. A support worker will be ideal for your son as it is what your son wants that it is worked around. They can then work aside of your son with other people working with others. This help can be provided and set up through social services for a support worker to support with building your sons conferdance. If you need further advice  phone free phone Scope 0808 800 3333 Have a lovely evening all. 
  • Mandy2017
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    Hi Geoff,
    Would you believe it? I am a family support worker myself and I refer families onto you but I can't refer my son through work. No he does not have any support worker or social care. He has attended special schools then college for learning difficulties then Menap but when he reached 26 all the support stopped. I work in a primary school and I started working in Asda at weekends just to help my son get a job. Asda did give my son a job and I really appreciated it but he only did 2 days as he was so upset and scared and they said it wasn't for him. Can I self refer into SCOPE?
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    Hi @Mandy2017,

    Scope has a few employment schemes, but they're unfortunately not available everywhere yet.

    I'm not sure what you could do from home.

    Have you looked into volunteering? That might be a good way to build confidence and met new people. I know Scope shops are always looking for volunteers!
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    Hi @Mandy2017 how is your son getting on?
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