Does a new diagnosis mean a PIP change of circumstances?

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I am already in receipt of pip for a bad hip and now been diagnosed with ted and Graves’ disease , do pip recognise this illness ,? If l was to tell them my circumstances have changed how long is it before they send for you for FTF thanks any help appreciated.


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @suziesmith and a very warm welcome to the community! PIP is not about a diagnosis and is about how your life is impacted. Have your capabilities changed since gaining the diagnosis?

    A change of circumstances would trigger a new assessment, unfortunately the time of this would depend on the backlog in your area. 
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    PIP is a benefit awarded to help you with your daily living activities. It's not awarded on a diagnosis or illness or the amount of prescription drugs you are taking. You may benefit from see how your new health condition effects you in relation to the PIP descriptiors. 
  • suziesmith
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    Thankyou l will have a look .
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    Before reporting a change of circumstances you should always get some face to face advice because a new diagnosis or worsening or condition doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to a higher award and no one on an internet forum can tell you if there's any risk to your current award.