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Right one of my reasons I've come on here is also to make new friends but to ask advice about a move of sorts.

I did a shared ownership via TVHA 20 years ago and things have changed I've lived in the county of Surrey for nearly 30 years before that I was at Papworth village and before that Hinwick Hall college in Northampton.

I originate from The London Borough of Bexley and in some ways I'd like to return there as my sister and her family live in the next borough up Greenwich and I would most prefer to live near to her and the family.

I'm a wheelchair user and partially sighted and I'm very independent as far as I can do most things for myself but need help now with some of the dressing due mainly to age.

I'd be looking at trying to get another bungalow and so this post is to seek advice like all the other posts I've done this is an on going thing