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ESA/UC- Not sure i've done this right

coralfang Community member Posts: 18 Connected
Hi all, hoping for some advice please. sorry for so many questions..

I got made redundant a week ago and in advance i contacted a local support centre- a bit like CAB for some advice because i have no idea what i'm doing with all this benefit stuff. 

They told me what i would be entitled to approximately and what i needed to do. I get PIP already and have a few health and mental health issues also. They advised I claim ESA in advance of my job ending and putting the end date on the claim and submit a sick note when I finish my job (which i did, i claimed ESA about 3 weeks ago with advance date put in, and i am going to get a sick note next week top upload to them) and then told me to claim UC when i do finish work so i could get the extra and also get the housing benefit side of things. 

So i submitted both claims now, ESA beforehand (which i still havent been paid yet or received any entitlement letter through yet) and UC last week (again, haven't had any letters or benefit amounts through yet and won't until the end of April apparently) Have i done this correctly?

ESA sent me out the illness assessment pack which arrived today and im going to send back next week but what will happen around my UC? if i am awarded the LCWRA group through ESA will it automatically update on the UC end? I didn't select i was getting ESA when i submitted UC because i didn't/don't yet, i don't know how much i'm getting and i don't have anything evidence wise at the moment, will they link in with each other?

Also- if i am awarded the LCWRA from ESA, is it the same amount of money i'd get if i were claiming UC only and went down the LCWRA path with them? 

I'm not sure what's going to happen job wise at the moment because i'm very limited and restricted in what i can and cannot do and my limitations on travel and going out alone, i've been WFH the last 4 years so feel very worried about what's going to happen and when/if i can go back into another job with these limitations, i hear the ESA assessment period can take a long time. 

If i am waiting for an appointment still in 2 months time say, but i get a job (and it is less than 16 hrs a week and under the payment threshold) what will happen to my LCWRA claim?




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