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PIP & NHS Fraily score for over 65's

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                  I have limited access to my medical records online and found an entry I thought was for someone else. It simply said Mild Frailty which basically classes me as:  Mildly Frail – These people often have more evident slowing, and need help in high order IADLs (finances, transportation, heavy housework, medications).  Typically, mild frailty progressively impairs shopping and walking outside alone, meal preparation and housework. I scored 0 for several of these in my PIP assessment so wondering if this system of classification done by a qualified Doctor from a patient's medical history could be used for evidence in a PIP claim or more importantly an ATOS complaint that is not being dealt with properly. Your thoughts please..


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    Hi @wildlife

    Although as a general rule medical evidence from a qualified GP, particularly one who is familiar with the patient and their difficulties is helpful for appeals and complaints alike, I feel that this kind of generic classification of 'frailty' rather an explicit explanation of your difficulties in particular, is far less helpful.

    Don't get me wrong - I get your point. and I agree that it may go towards discrediting a blanket '0 points' assessment. But my hesitation would be whether the criteria for PIP are aimed at individuals who are 'mildly' frail, or more severely so. Given that the lower rate of DLA was removed in the introduction of PIP, my feeling would be that the classification of 'mild' may possibly cause you problems...

    I am fairly cautions though! and if your claim has been refused outright, and this is the only evidence you have, then it may be better than none.

    Best of luck with it.

    Kind regards,


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    @Mary, Thank-you for replying and I do understand the word Mild may be a negative but when you see the whole list on the score system which ranges from Fit and Well to terminally ill Mild Frailty is at no. 5 with more before it than after so in that respect the use of the word Frail rather than mild makes it that bit more obvious that the person will be disabled, and as the explanation of this category says, in need of help with every day living. I have got an award which is acceptable and have learnt today I am to be assessed next week on my mobility around the home and showering. This will result in the final report I need to prove my assessor wrong on a number of her observations and especially her MSE test results. Thanks again...x   


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