I have stage 4 sarcoidosis, sporisis, and siotic arthritis. I'm thinking of applying for ESA

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Hi my name is celinda and have been diagnosed  with stage 4 sarcoidosis  or idiopathic  pulmonary  fibrosis  Extensive  fibrotic scars. I have also got bad sporisis  and know  siotic  arthritis  in my feet and elbows know. I am on  many different drugs  Feel tired most days with my breathlessness  cannot do much my hands are bad and I can't put my shoes on because it is painful. I am of work because of this. I am thinking o applying for esa. My doctor has explained that I should be doing this. Any one with similar problems please get in touch.


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    ESA (and PIP) are awarded based on the impact your health has on your ability to do things, not on a particular diagnosis (with a few exceptions).

    Note that you cannot claim ESA if you are currently receiving SSP from your employer.

    Depending on your household circumstances you may be eligible to claim UC on grounds of ill health limiting your ability to work.