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Anyone had success complaining about A&E care?

jan5987 Community member Posts: 107 Courageous
Hi everyone 
I was just wondering if anyone had any success about complaining about hospital care in A&E ? It’s a long story I don’t want to go into it, but what did you do? Did Pals help? Did the hospital take you seriously? Did you go to the ombudsman? 
Thank you 


  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,741 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @jan5987

    Just to let you know, I've tweaked the title of your thread to make your question more visible to others who might have gone through the complaints process.

    I'm sorry if this relates to yourself, a loved one or friend, and wish you the very best outcome possible.
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  • Workingclass1
    Workingclass1 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Sorry to hear you had some problems
    I had a problem with my care at the local hospital but not A&E.   I went through their patients affairs dept as PALS suggested and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.  I’m my experience they will try and protect their reputation in the first instance but if you go armed with facts they should help.  I also asked for a copy of their relevant policy which I used to back up my complaint.  
    The only advice I can give is making a formal complaint can be stressful. Be polite and courteous as the person you speak to isn’t usually the person who caused the problem.  
  • jan5987
    jan5987 Community member Posts: 107 Courageous
    Hi thank you for your reply 
    sorry I am so late in replying
    i have never heard of the 
    patients affairs dept as I went through PALS and eventually they sound they couldn’t do much more and had told me about an investigative office who would deal with it and when it all came back that said myself, my husband, and my daughter were not telling the truth of what happened, it became too much and gave up as the next port of call was the ombudsman so I left it and they got away with it plus it’s my A&E hospital and they could be nasty if I have to ho again.
    I am really angry but nothing I can do.
    yes always polite and makes no difference.
    Thank you 
  • Oxonlady
    Oxonlady Scope Member Posts: 566 Pioneering
    Hi @jan5987, I have recently spent five days in A&E because no bed could be found for me on the wards. It was one disaster after another. So I have put in a complaint. This time I am prepared to go to the Ombudsman and I have also sent a report to the Care Quality Commission.
    I've come home from a terrible experience and I will no longer tolerate it. One nurse accused me of not being disabled but just lazy and said I should just get on with it and do things myself, all because he didn't want to help me. I am actually bedbound but he didn't care... It is simply not on. 
  • rebel11
    rebel11 Community member Posts: 1,605 Pioneering
    I complained about A & E, wrote to PALS, they arranged a meeting, they out do themselves, they make stuff up which isn't true, get caught out in their lies, then the CEO of the Trust gets caught out with other peoples lies, so it goes on. But 100% worth complaining.  
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 32,212 Disability Gamechanger
    That's  an awful way to be treated @Oxonlady I hope you do follow it through 
  • Hannah_Scope
    Hannah_Scope Posts: 5,831 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @jan5987

    Did you speak to the head of the unit at A&E?
    Hannah - She / Her

    Online Community Coordinator @ Scope

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  • Starlingbird
    Starlingbird Community member Posts: 169 Pioneering
    Hi @jan5987. I have not had experience complaining about treatment in A&E, but have put complaints in about treatment in other departments of the NHS. It was a while back now, so I don't remember all the ins and out of the procedures per se, however I know I went through the hospital's/department's complaints procedure. 

    All were successful (despite all the lies and cover-ups they tried) and resulted in changes being made to ensure the same thing did not happen to other patients.

    With one of the complaints I had to go to a meeting with several people from the NHS. A specialist (from the same field as the person I was complaining about) attended from another hospital. This specialist agreed with what I'd said, resulting in things being put in place to prevent the issue from reoccurring. 

    It was stressful, but I felt I had a moral duty to protect others from going through what I had gone through. 
  • Oxonlady
    Oxonlady Scope Member Posts: 566 Pioneering
    Hi @Starlingbird, well done for persevering and having the power of your convictions to see your complaint through.
    I'm currently waiting for my complaint about A&E to be responded to by my local hospital. I have already told them that I will see it through this time. I have already sent a copy of my complaint to the Care Quality Commission. I'm ready to go to the Ombudsman if I have to.
    Where we see wrongdoing or injustice, we should take action. I was told by a nurse that I'm not disabled, just lazy. Yet I am bedbound due to a broken hip that can't be operated on, among other ailments. I'm standing up for myself and other disabled patients. 
  • Breacon
    Breacon Community member Posts: 101 Courageous
    Hi All,
    I do sympathise with all you folks, who have had bad experiences within the NHS.
    I feel now, there is simply a lack of care, but this isn't recent, our NHS has been failing for 20 years, & will continue to do so, until we no longer have it.
    I would just like to mention, the extreme pressure all hospital staff are under, they must feel so demoralised, facing the workloads on a daily basis, without much or any support, its not always individual staff, it's the system that's broken.
    I am by no means, saying anyone should not complain by the way, in fact I had a family member, who received dreadful care, whilst undergoing cancer treatment.
    He complained, & eventually got the treatment, that was required.
    I certainly am not trying to excuse people's experiences etc with the NHS, but I do feel, for all the staff involved in the NHS, I wouldn't want to work in our NHS.
    Years ago, our nurses were compassionate & caring, & the job really was a vocation for them.
    But like other professions, this work ethic, seems to have disappeared.
  • WelshBlue
    WelshBlue Community member Posts: 686 Pioneering
    I had luck ... PALS were no good until escalated it to the CEO of the health board and mentioned the press ... then they moved heaven and earth.

    Long story short I have annual sigmoidoscopies and biopsies due to  damage caused by rape; which is classed as pre-cancerous.  8 months of asking why I hadn't had the due one ... mentioning the press and my Psychologist writing a report to the CEO that stated she would back me in a civil case for undue mental distress/ neglicience etc

    Had the procedure within 3 days.  

    The reason for the delay ... the ambiguous confusion between departments line.  And no apology
  • 2oldcodgers
    2oldcodgers Posts: 626 Connected
    I was once warned when I asked about the way I was being treated whilst under section that if I did so life would become more difficult for me in the future.
    So as far as the NHS goes I accept that it is suck it up and get on with my life.


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