Hi, my name is ImFINEokay! PIP review advice, mental health issues

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Hi, just joined.  Looking for help from fellow sufferers with mental health issues.  Yes, PIP Review!  How do I fill in a form which puts people into boxes when your 'condition' is so overlapping and not boxable?


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    Hello @ImFINEokay and welcome, thanks for joining today and sharing a bit about yourself. To help our members share their thoughts, I've moved your post over into our PIP category and edited the title slightly, I hope that's okay :) 

    I think a lot of our members can relate to the feeling of being put into boxes, in can feel very frustrating to have to talk about our conditions in certain ways just to get the support we need. 

    Let us know if you have any particular questions we might be able to help with, don't hesitate to ask!
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