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Any Change.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 726 Pioneering
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the cost of living and what is being done to "relive " the situation.
  Remember MP's asking for a speed up of information being put onto a central computer so that the relevant information can be sort or that the relevant Medical files can be access by the relevant departments for use to get access to benefits.
  NOTHING IS RELEVANT, there seems to be a reversal of points as to how and when they can deal with the access to files and benefits.
  I have spend almost 6 hours a day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being passed from department to department to resolve ONE issue for a claimant.
  In filling out a complaint and escalating it last week, this week we are back to we have no record of your calls?  Today after 3 hours I was about to be passed to another department and stated that I rang the complaints and have been passed through to the original person I spoke to 3 hours ago?  When I wanted to check that I was speaking to the correct department, and that all I wanted to do was check that the information I have been receiving was correct, this person actually stated that there is a record of your calling and the number of times you have been passed to someone else on the system since I asked if all calls are recorded?  Including the ones that because of human error was disconnected, and told they were having a glitch in the system and that happens.
I asked the name of the person but my error started when making a complaint in NOT ASKING FOR A COMPLAINT REFERENCE NUMBER.  NONE HAD BEEN FILED?
  If you are given a 3 to 5 day call back (working days) then they must have a reference number, something I didn't get when ringing or being passed around from department to department.

  So to up date you files and requests:
  If you are going to complain get a reference number since now this has been logged I can refer straight to it and possibly get results.  The E Mail to his manager was sent while I was on the phone which automatically generates a reference number.

  The good news: All calls are recorded so when asking of information that has suddenly disappeared  you can get a FOI covering the period you made the complaint, which then copies every thing.
  I hate having to write negative responses to each post, but in going forward at a meeting on Wednesday, and discussing the NHS and the results of strike action and pending action, it would seem that the NHS is the problem?  And is looking for more money to do less for the NHS and more for Private Insurance Companies?
  I did make a point as to not only in Cardiff but around the country Nightingale Hospitals were built, each with separate cubical and separate "KIT" to stop or reduce the cross contamination of the Pandemic?  ( remembering that it was airborne and would be just as likely to catch it from going to get a newspaper)
  This was brilliant, but, when the NHS is struggling for beds, why did they take them down?
  Where did all this "Kit" come from and where did it go when they removed it, remembering that each room was a sterile environment, who paid for it?
  These Hospitals could have been used by the NHS?  At no cost, since they were in some cases 2000 beds?  IN, and not only at this hospital, a 200 bed unit they were NEVER USED, BUT, this hospital used 35 beds, because of a campaign to keep it open they decided to "freshen up" and decorate the one wing but as soon as it was finished the patients were transferred back to the  hospital?
  That Nightingale Hospital remained closed and was never used until it was DISMANTLED AGAIN.
  Why is their no accountability for the way in which people with big titles who are not equipped either by experience or by qualification, allowed to spend vast sums of money at our cost and nothing being said?
  It is not the NHS that is doing this it is OUR GOVERNMENT.  How can spending cuts be the way to go forward and help people at source when the queues are getting longer, the waiting times are getting longer, and the government is pushing for the American style Medical Insurance Schemes?  Changing the whole reason for the NHS, and why it was set up.
  We already have American and German Companies running our Benefits system and trying to introduce their rules into our system, by saying "after a medical, the report will be written and sent to the assessor for him to make the final decision"
  There is no medical, and you still have a Decision Maker who has no medical background making the final decision?
  There are new rules in place since April and August of last year by the DWP and one states that if on the report it does not state your ID number or your field of expertise the report will NOT BE PAID FOR BY THE DWP. 
  In the Introduction in both reports it states in black and white,   "this also includes Decision Makers and Assessors hired by the DWP to assess the claimant"
There are other links but try to read the whole report and get the actual document not the Site document as it leaves things out.    


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