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what can we do to reduce energy bills and is there grants available

happyfella Community member Posts: 478 Pioneering
I have just received my latest gas and electricity bill, which is shocking. Before the price increase our joint elec and gas bill was £90, there are only two of us. Now, this month, we got our bill through for jan, and it has gone up to £280 for the month.

The doctor has told me i have to keep warm, and we do live in a cold house, so we use the gas fire a lot to keep warm and not the central heating. we put the central heating on for about half an hour each day.

I did apply to the local council to have the house warmer by having the outside insulted, but they said that could not be done due to the new regulations of the roof being too short. Really don't understand it. We do have the loft insulted, but not sure if we should ask to have more insulation put in.

We have now more going out than coming in, and really not sure what to do. We have now reduced using the gas fire which is not great for my health. Is there any advice please on grants to make the house warmer, or any advice on what to do.

Our house is mortgage and we have seen some mold due to the house being cold.

I am told not to get stressed as i have a heart attack warning, and this stress is not helping



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