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Spinal Cord stimulation Success - Pain reduced by 65 to 85%

FunWithChemo Community member Posts: 28 Connected
I am a 4-time cancer patient and have gone through chemo 3-times, radiation 2- times, and multiple surgeries. My last chemo was horrendous. I lost over 100 pounds, and my hair has not grown back in fully at 4-years past chemo. I entered this most recent chemo with mild diabetic neuropathy and left with very painful peripheral neuropathy. I thought I would own the pain for the rest of my life. I used to take opioids but eventually asked my pain doc to begin to taper me off the opioids. He suggested a spinal cord stimulation device for pain control. This device (slightly larger than a deck of cards) was implanted at my waist on my back with wires leading to my spine. The device sends electric signals to my spine, blocking the pain signals from reaching my brain. I have excellent results with a 65 to 85% reduction in pain. As I walked across the floor in my home before the device was installed, I remember thinking, "Is this the last day I will be able to walk?" The pain was debilitating. My results are nothing short of amazing. As futuristic as this sounds, the devices have actually been around for a while. If one person reads this and is able to find relief with spinal cord stimulation, I will be greatly pleased. Speak to your pain doctor. Mine is a Norvo brand.



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